• "MMA is the Fastest Growing Sport on the Planet!"

  • "Somethings are Worth Fighting For!"

  • "We are THE Premier Ministry to Combat Sports!"

  • "Fight the Good Fight!"

  • "We Live this Verse: Matthew 9:35-38"

Who We Are

Fight Church is The Premier Ministry to combat sports! MMA is the fastest growing sport on the planet making it one of the largest harvest fields on earth. Fight Church is not a brick and mortar building where people gather, but rather a launching pad based in Vegas, sending Hope out all over the world.

Something are worth fighting for! Your family, your health, your finances, your relationships, your community…Fight Church exists to encourage and inspire people in and out of the cage to fight for what matters most in their lives!

Fund the Good Fight

“Superman Punch” is an elaborate strike set up by first faking a kick and then immediately following through with a punch. The created momentum drives the attacker’s body forward and into the air, which helps cover distance quickly… And it looks crazy cool!

We want you to be our Superman! Help us cover some distance. A hero that helps create the momentum and transformation in the lives of the hurting.

Fight for what matters most! Reaching people right where they are with the saving grace knowledge & Good News of Jesus Christ. Fight the good fight with us! Its expensive to operate here in Las Vegas and travel all over the country. So being a monthly supporter is the best way to help get the job done and special one time gifts are awesome too!

Your generosity is making a difference! When you donate to Fight Church, you can rest assure that your gift is making a huge difference, not just in Sin-City but all over the country and the world, including our affiliates in Australia and Peru.

Every order helps us continue to Fight the Good Fight!

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